Monday, September 1, 2008

What's eating the cat's food?

We aren't cat people, more like dog people. Not that I dislike cats, we've just always had dogs in the past. Even though we aren't cat people, we would never want one of God's creatures to starve to death. With that being said, we started feeding a stray black/white spotted cat, whose name is now, Cat. The poor thing's bones were showing. Every time I saw the cat's dish on the backporch empty, I would go ahead and fill it. After all, the guy had to make up for lost time.

Not being experienced in the eating habits of the feline species, I just kept putting food out, several times a day. But then I noticed, Cat ate like he was starving to death - every time. One evening, I walked by the bay window, saw black/white fur, and thought - oh, Cat is eating again! Then I took a better look. target="_blank"

Instead of spotted, it was a striped black/white cat. A little bit of a difference. What could I do? I certainly didn't want to rush to the backporch and scare this one off! So, I let him eat and leave on his own time.

The next day, I bought new food dishes. (I don't know why, maybe thinking that a different dish might discourage the same visitors.) After about a week, I realized that Cat was still eating every meal like he hadn't eaten in days, when reality, he was being fed several times per day. But, Cat is still skinny!

A few nights later, while I was right by the back door where the dishes are just outside. Then there, in plain view, not scared one bit - comes the new culprit! Digging in with both hands.... paws. target="_blank"

I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first, being the strange looking character it was. And not frightened one bit! So, we scared off the raccoon and started picking up the dishes after Cat eats.

Now Cat is FAT and HAPPY!!

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

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P.S. I send a free bar of Southern Hospitality Made From Scratch Soap to the first person to put in the comments about what was strange about the raccoon.

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