Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Press Release - Hormone Therapy

Hormone (Synthetic Drug) Therapy May Make Lung Cancers more Deadly!
The following story broke on Sunday May 31st and was buried in the back pages of News Papers all across America.

You need to know!!!! Women need hope!

Please read this, then forward to all your friends and family!
Hormone Therapy May Make Lung Cancers More Deadly
By MARILYNN MARCHIONE Associated Press May 31, 2009 ORLANDO, Fla.
- - There's more troubling news about hormone therapy for menopause symptoms: Lung cancer seems more likely to prove fatal in women who are taking estrogen-progestin pills, a study suggests.Hormone users who got lung cancer were 60 percent more likely to die of it than women who weren't taking hormones, according to results reported Saturday.This means smokers should stop hormones, and those who haven't started them yet should think it over, said Dr. Rowan Chlebowski of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He led the analysis and presented results at an oncology society meeting in Florida.It's the latest finding from the Women's Health Initiative, a federal study that gave 16,608 women either Prempro or dummy pills. The study was stopped in 2002 when researchers saw more breast cancers in those on Prempro, the estrogen-progestin pill made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. They continue to follow what happens to women in the study.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here are our current soap fragrances available. Some especially for your Valentine!

Sugary Sweet - Blend of brown sugar, vanilla, and musk.
Berry Cute - Blend of raspberry, musk, and orange.
Love - Mixture of musk, jasmine, and vanilla.
Moonlight Romance - Blend of amber, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.
Butterfly Kisses - Smells like vanilla, orange, pineapple, and cherry.
Sweet & Sassy - Blend of cotton candy, musk, and jasmine.
Forever Love - Blend of summer flowers, musk, lime, & citrus.

Cute Cabana Boy - Blend of fresh pineapple, orange, guava, papaya, banana, vanilla, and coconut.
Southern Gentleman - Smells a lot like Old Spice.
Masculine Man - A great smelling men's musk.

Farm Country Apple - Smells like apple, peach, lime, and musk.
Cherry Delight - Smells like orange, cherry, peach, pineapple, & vanilla.
Brown Sugar - Smells just like sweet brown sugar.
Monkey Farts - Blend of banana, coconut, lime, orange, grapefruit, bergmot, & clove.

Check out our Valentine gift sets!

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Soaps

Since a lot of people are doing their Christmas shopping early, we've decided to go ahead and post our Christmas Soap line so you'll know what's coming. Soaps are mixed, in the molds, and curing.

Joy Noel - Mixture of pine, clove, orange, fir, and vanilla
Cozy Christmas - Blend of nutmeg, rum, cinnamon, ginger, and chocolate
Cookies for Santa - Yummy mix of brown sugar, vanilla, butter, and sugar cookie
Christmas Tree - Aromatic blend of bayberry, fir-needle, and pine
Holly Berry - Mix of raspberry, musk, and orange
Hot Chocolate - Smells like a cup of hot cocoa with a dab of whip cream on top
Carmel Latte - Energizing blend of sweet caramel and freshly brewed coffee
Three Wise Men - Blend of patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood
Gingerbread Cookie - The yummy smell of gingerbread with the added sweetness of sugar cookie
Pumpkin Bread - If you love pumpkin, you'll sure love pumpkin bread. Blend of pumpkin, white spices, maple syrup, and shortbread
Vanilla Bean - Smells like buttery vanilla and musk
Brown Sugar - Smells just like the name, sweet brown sugar

All the Christmas soaps will be available for purchase beginning November 1st at our Washtub & Friends Open House, 10am - 4pm. Not only will you have the opportunity to do early Christmas shopping, we have an entire day of fun lined up for you.

Here's the schedule:
10:00 am - OPEN HOUSE for browsing, shopping, and fellowship
10:30 am - Demonstration - How to make hair bows by Rylee B's Boutique (Maribeth Blackledge)
11:00 am - Demonstration - How to give yourself a facial at home by Indulgence Home Spa (Beverly Mooney
11:30 - Demonstration - How to make a microwave bundt cake by Pampered Chef ( Joy Pickering)
1:00 - Demonstration - Tips for great photos with your point and shoot digital camera by Amber Norris Photography (Amber Norris)
1:30 - Demonstration - Go from fall to Christmas with Southern Living at Home (Susan Karolyi)
2:00 - Demonstration - How to make your own soap by The Washtub (Suzanne Goss)
2:30 - Demonstration - Accessorizing with jewelry to create your own fall style by Cookie Lee Jewelry (Crystal Neal)
3:00 - Demonstration - Simply Susan's sterling Silver monogrammed jewelry and gifts (Rebecca Pope and Jenny Hudson)
3:30 - Drawing for door prizes!

Hope to see you there!

Suzanne Goss
The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hummingbird Season

We've been building up to this time since spring and it's finally here - hummingbird season! No, this isn't the same thing as turkey season, deer season, or rabbit season. There's no gun cleaning or knife sharpening going on, and we're not out on a hunt. This is the month that the most hummingbirds pass through our area. Sure, they've been zooming and zipping through here since early spring. But, that's when those little guys are just grooming and preparing us, and giving us a small taste of the show we see in September.

I love watching these little marvels playing, and sometimes even duelling around the feeders. I used to try to plant certain types of flowers to attract them, but I don't have a green thumb. Soon I discovered, all you have to do is feed them - they'll show up!

All you need are a couple of hummingbird feeders and some homemade nectar. Some claim that the sugar water isn't good for them, but studies have shown that the sugar water doesn't harm the birds in any way. In fact, it gives them that extra power boost they need on their way to their winter vacation home. Another thing I've learned is the red food coloring that some put in the food, hoping to better attract the birds, isn't good for them and not needed to attract them anyway.

Nectar recipe: 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved then pour into the feeder - that's it!

Leftover nectar can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 or 5 days. Don't put much nectar in the feeders until you see how much they are going to drink. The amount needed will increase as hummingbirds discover your feeders and then tell their buddies. Soon you will have bunches of little cuties zipping all around.

When the nectar turns cloudy it needs to be changed, or at least about every 4 days , maybe even less when it's really hot outside. Some people boil their water first, but that's not necessary because it's the hummingbirds dipping their beaks in and out of the feeders that causes the contamination. Try hanging the feeders in a cool shady spot instead of direct sunlight to make the nectar last a little longer.

I was told that you should stop filling the feeders by the end of September or the little birds might not fly south like they are supposed to and be stuck here for the winter. This also is not true. They'll leave when needed. So, fill the feeders as long as you have drinkers, and you can be happy that you gave them that extra little power boost they needed to be on their way.

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body

Monday, September 1, 2008

What's eating the cat's food?

We aren't cat people, more like dog people. Not that I dislike cats, we've just always had dogs in the past. Even though we aren't cat people, we would never want one of God's creatures to starve to death. With that being said, we started feeding a stray black/white spotted cat, whose name is now, Cat. The poor thing's bones were showing. Every time I saw the cat's dish on the backporch empty, I would go ahead and fill it. After all, the guy had to make up for lost time.

Not being experienced in the eating habits of the feline species, I just kept putting food out, several times a day. But then I noticed, Cat ate like he was starving to death - every time. One evening, I walked by the bay window, saw black/white fur, and thought - oh, Cat is eating again! Then I took a better look. target="_blank"

Instead of spotted, it was a striped black/white cat. A little bit of a difference. What could I do? I certainly didn't want to rush to the backporch and scare this one off! So, I let him eat and leave on his own time.

The next day, I bought new food dishes. (I don't know why, maybe thinking that a different dish might discourage the same visitors.) After about a week, I realized that Cat was still eating every meal like he hadn't eaten in days, when reality, he was being fed several times per day. But, Cat is still skinny!

A few nights later, while I was right by the back door where the dishes are just outside. Then there, in plain view, not scared one bit - comes the new culprit! Digging in with both hands.... paws. target="_blank"

I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first, being the strange looking character it was. And not frightened one bit! So, we scared off the raccoon and started picking up the dishes after Cat eats.

Now Cat is FAT and HAPPY!!

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body

P.S. I send a free bar of Southern Hospitality Made From Scratch Soap to the first person to put in the comments about what was strange about the raccoon.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you facing giants?

I just finished watching the movie "Facing The Giants," again. I think I could watch it 100 times and cry every time. In case you haven't seen it, it's about a coach who feels totally defeated. The team can't win any games, the player's parents are turning against him, and the townspeople are plotting to get him fired.

He admits to the pastor that he's been praying to God for help, but just doesn't see God working at that school. The pastor reminds him of the story of two farmers, each praying for rain. One of the farmers goes ahead and prepares his fields for the rain. The pastor then asked him which farmer's prayers does he think will be answered. The one that goes ahead and prepares his fields by faith, of course!

The coach commits to give God everything he's got, then whatever happens, happens. Once he has his heart right, the team comes aboard, and an entire town is transformed because of one man's witness.

Here's a clip of the movie :

Are you facing some giants in your life? Are you praying for rain? Nothing is impossible with God. Give Him everything you've got, give God your best. This includes every part of your life, at home with family, at school with friends, even at work. Then, leave the results up to Him. Praise God if you win, praise God if you lose. Go ahead and prepare the fields, He WILL send the rain.

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body

Time For A Staycation

Today is the first day of my "staycation." Defined as time off work but not going away - staying home. Sometimes I like staycations better than vacations - sometimes. We seem to have a tendancy these days to work so hard building a beautiful home and a wonderfully peaceful homelife, that we don't have time to stay home and enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting other cities and seeing things I might only see once in my lifetime, taking in other cultures and scenery. But, I'm also one of those people that just loves to stay home. It might be different if I were home all the time, then I would probably be jumping at the chance to get away. But not at this time, not this day. Plus, we get lots of visitors during the day when I would normally be away at work, and I hate missing good company. Look who came to visit today!

What about you? Do you prefer vacations or staycations? We would love to hear from you.
Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

The Washtub Handmade Bath & Body