Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you facing giants?

I just finished watching the movie "Facing The Giants," again. I think I could watch it 100 times and cry every time. In case you haven't seen it, it's about a coach who feels totally defeated. The team can't win any games, the player's parents are turning against him, and the townspeople are plotting to get him fired.

He admits to the pastor that he's been praying to God for help, but just doesn't see God working at that school. The pastor reminds him of the story of two farmers, each praying for rain. One of the farmers goes ahead and prepares his fields for the rain. The pastor then asked him which farmer's prayers does he think will be answered. The one that goes ahead and prepares his fields by faith, of course!

The coach commits to give God everything he's got, then whatever happens, happens. Once he has his heart right, the team comes aboard, and an entire town is transformed because of one man's witness.

Here's a clip of the movie :

Are you facing some giants in your life? Are you praying for rain? Nothing is impossible with God. Give Him everything you've got, give God your best. This includes every part of your life, at home with family, at school with friends, even at work. Then, leave the results up to Him. Praise God if you win, praise God if you lose. Go ahead and prepare the fields, He WILL send the rain.

Here's hoping your soap always bubbles!

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